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Ben helps people find their voice and become as comfortable as possible as a successful vocal performer.

Admiration and Accolades

Even professional critics agree…

Ben Tajnai absolutely knocked this one out of the park. His 1:45 uproarious and goosebump inducing rendition was the perfect stage setter to get the crowd hyped up before the players would come out in their new uniforms.

Singer Ben Tajnai, Arrowhead High School graduate, drew a rousing response before he even finished his rendition of the national anthem.

His smooth, authentic and almost effortless delivery did not come overnight. Ben is living a dream he’s spent years training for.

Another standout in this very talented cast is Ben Tajnai, who wiped out the audience with his poignant rendition of “Bring Him Home” from “Les Miserables,” so touchingly delivered as Valjean while he pleads in prayer for Marius’ safety.

Theatre Experience Highlights

Ben has performed in pivotal theatrical roles throughout his vocal career in musical productions such as…

Client Testimonials

Directors, Parents, and Students alike highly recommend Ben…

Ben’s soaring vocals take the audience on a journey from a very intimate personal moment to bursts of compelling intensity. Each role has been believable and honest. Beyond Ben’s vocal abilities, he is a complete joy who infuses camaraderie and fun among those he is working with.


Theatre Director

Ben really strengthened my confidence in the performing arts and helped me get a lead role I’ve been dreaming of my whole life.”


Voice Student

The virtual voice lessons save us so much time!  I don’t have to plan for driving and waiting in the car.  And the kids really appreciate the comfort of singing from home.”


Voice Mother

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